2019 – FIAT TORO

A young man who was born a winner. Recognized by the press and consumers. This is the Fiat Toro, which inaugurated in Brazil the new concept of SUP (Sport Utility Pick-up) by combining the strength and robustness of a pick-up with the comfort and handling of an SUV. The model, which completes two years since its launch, now reaches the 2019 line with new versions and configurations and more equipment to remain the most desired pick-up on the market and absolute leader in its segment. One of the novelties is the standard rear defroster on all models. Also coming to the market are two new versions: the Endurance 1.8 AT6 Flex, inbound, and the Volcano 2.4 AT9 Flex, the top of the line with flexible engines. In the latter, the pick-up is equipped with the 2.4-liter Tigershark engine of 186 hp and 244 Nm, combined with the unique nine-speed automatic transmission in the segment, as well as several Volcano 2.0 Diesel solutions.


New initial version of the line, it is offered only with the E.torQ EVO 1.8 propeller paired with the six-speed automatic transmission. Among the good list of standard equipment are: air conditioning, on-board computer, traction and stability controls, power steering, Hill Holder, instrument panel with 3.5-inch TFT multifunction display, tire pressure sensors, (with one-touch operation) and adjustable steering wheel in height and depth, among others.


The Freedom 1.8 AT6 and Freedom 2.0 AT9 Diesel versions have gained new features such as chrome frame fog lights, memory mirrors, dual zone digital air conditioning, a rear-facing camera, 5.0-inch Uconnect Touch Nav system, six high speakers with leather steering wheel and voice recognition, second 12V jack, second USB port, longitudinal roof rails, high brake light and bucket lighting, front and rear armrest, plus door handles and mirrors in color bodywork. In the flex configuration the novelty is the 16-inch alloy wheels as standard (17 in diesel, also alloy). Both have leather seats, air bag on the knees for the driver and side bags, as options.


New series items are now also available for the Volcano 2.4 AT9 Flex and Volcano 2.0 AT9 Diesel versions. They feature a Keyless Enter’n’go (entry into the vehicle without using the key and drive the engine per button), remote start, driver’s seat with electric regulation, rain sensor, twilight sensor, internal electrochromic rear view mirror and individual sensors of tire pressure. The Volcano 2.0 AT9 Diesel also offers unprecedented 18-inch alloy wheels. The list of options has those already mentioned in Freedom and also the panoramic sunroof (which in version 2.4 Flex will be available from June). The newly released Blackjack version 2.4 continues on the 2019 line unchanged. That is, it maintains its differential in the chrome-free finish, with all the black details, both inside and out. The exterior look is dominated by graphite tone on wheels (17-inch alloy wheels), exterior mirrors, front grille trim and ceiling bars. To complete the ‘all black’ theme, there is a black belt on the hood and the bucket lid and all the badges have been darkened – even the red of the Fiat emblem has been replaced by black, something unheard of since the current logo was implanted. Toro Blackjack is sold exclusively in Black Carbon. The other versions are available in eight colors, two solid (Red Colorado and White Environment), one pearly (Polar White) and five metallic (Horizon Brown, Melfi Silver, Carbon Black, Antique Gray and Tribal Red).

Mopar Custom Shop

In the Fiat Toro 2019 Mopar Custom Shop customization kits continue to compose the line. It is worth remembering that these accessories are assembled directly in the factory and follow the total warranty of the vehicle, three years. Which means more quality and safety. These are the Chrome kit (exterior door handles and chrome door guards), exclusive to the Endurance and Freedom versions, as well as the Protection kit, consisting of side fenders, tank protector (diesel models only) and mudguard available for all the pick-up settings. Mopar also offers a complete line of accessories to be fitted in Fiat stores, such as sea top, alloy wheels, anti-theft alarm, santanthon, rear gates, side brakes, among many others.

Recognized success

Toro’s success in these two years is shown by the satisfaction of consumers and the rewards earned since its launch. With its versatility, SUP meets different tastes and needs of transportation, work and leisure, sometimes simultaneously. To reach this model of success, Fiat has heard who matters most: the customers. And they pointed out the main features that the new car should have. The result proves that it worked. Since its launch, Fiat Toro has fallen in the taste of customers: it is the leader of its category, and with 50,723 units registered in 2017, only lost, among light commercials, the Fiat Strada, which had 54,870 records and is the most sold in Brazil 17 years ago. And consumer interest has grown: Fiat Toro sales grew 22.9% over 2016, when 41,283 units were issued. Since its launch, more than 100,000 units have already been sold in the country. The healthy ‘confusion’ in its own definition, SUV with bucket or pick-up with dynamic SUV behavior, is the main cause of its success. In this way, the Toro serves both the urban public, for its design and space, as the rural, for its versatility, load capacity and diesel engine allied to 4×4 traction. Completely developed at FCA Design CenterLatam, in Betim (MG), and manufactured in Brazil, Fiat Toro has also stood out for its innovative design. The model has collected international and national awards, including the iF Design Award, recognized worldwide for more than 60 years, as well as the ObjetoBrasil Award, one of the most important in the country, and the International Red Dot Award, considered the ‘Oscar’ of design. The consumer can also rely on other good features of Toro. Winner of more than 15 press awards specializes, in Brazil and Argentina, was still elected at the end of last year, the best pick-up in the ‘Best Value of Reseller-Autos’ award.

Check out the line of the Fiat Toro 2019:

  • Endurance 1.8 Flex AT6 – $ 90,990
  • Freedom 1.8 Flex AT6 – R $ 102,990
  • Volcano 2.4 Flex AT9 – R $ 115,690
  • Blackjack 2.4 Flex AT9 – R $ 117,490 (includes metallic paint)
  • Freedom 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 – R $ 131,590
  • Volcano 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 – R $ 142,990


Launched 20 years ago, the Fiat Strada pick-up is a veteran at the São Paulo Show. Reference to having your line improved according to what customers need before they even realize it, always innovating, it is already for the 11th time in the event. Still, the market leader continues to stand out in the Fiat booth, renewed with the Cross Road pack, launched in the hall. The Mopar special package reinforces the off-road DNA of the Strada Adventure version 1.8 displayed. Comprising accessories such as multifunctional bucket spreader, which also serves as divider and ramp for motorcycles, the kit also features a waterproof seat cover, sill protector and side badge. Sales success thanks to its robustness and versatility to be used both for cargo transportation and for family outings, the Fiat Strada family is still represented in the Hall of São Paulo by the versions 1.8 Dual Cab and Freedom 1.4 Dual Cab, exposed at the booth Currently, in addition to these, the line also has the versions Working 1.4 Single Cabin, Hard Working 1.4 Single Cabin, Hard Working 1.4 Extended Cabin and Hard Working 1.4 Double Cabin.

Fiat Strada Freedom

The recently launched Fiat Strada Freedom 1.4 Dual Cab with the arrival of the 2019 line was created to meet the demand of customers who need a vehicle for work but who also use the car in their private day-to-day. Complete, the new version offers excellent space in the rear seats, third exclusive door and can be equipped with multimedia center with 6.2-inch screen, DVD, GPS and rear camera. With highlights inside and out, it comes standard with 14-inch alloy wheels, chrome-plated fog lights, bumper with skid plate, marine roof, door handles and rear-view mirrors in the color of the vehicle and rear parking sensor . In addition, it has electric windows and latch, B6 Connect radio, USB input to charge devices and read data, leather steering wheel with radio control, glove box lighting, rear-view mirrors with electric adjustment, sun visors with new mirrors and benches with fabric exclusive of the ‘Freedom’ embroidered version on the back. The air vents, the radio panel and the air conditioning control also feature special paint.

Fiat Strada Adventure

The top-of-the-line Adventure 1.8 comes standard with multimedia center with digital TV, CD / DVD player, AM / FM radio, Bluetooth connection, GPS navigator and rear parking camera. Scorpion ATR (All Terrain) tires arrived in the 2019 line. It also has a wide range of items included in the Working and Hard Working versions, such as compass and inclinometers, leather steering wheel with radio control, sea top and 16-inch alloy wheels. This makes Adventure one of the most complete products in its segment. The only option is the Locker differential.

20 years with success numbers

In 2018, up to October, 56,292 units were registered and 59,193 units were produced, totaling 1.36 million pick-ups sold in the national market since launch. The record sales in a year to date was in 2014, with 153,139 units a year, about 70,000 more than second place. In the same year, the young Fiat Strada reached the mark of 1 million units sold in Brazil. As can be seen from these figures, among the compact pick-ups, Strada’s sales performance is remarkable. Their sales, almost always, surpass the sum of all the other models commercial competitors. By 2018, its market share in its segment should reach about 53%, with approximately 67,000 produced pick-ups and 65,000 registered.


With more than 56,000 units sold in 2018 and almost 1.4 million since its launch 20 years ago, the Fiat Strada gets one more member for the family. The new Fiat Strada Freedom Cabine Simple comes to market. The Double Cab version was launched in August and was so successful, with an impressive number of sales, which gained a prominent position in the segment of pick-ups. Thus, Fiat decided to offer the consumer a variation for the version with a larger bucket. The Fiat Strada Freedom Simple Cab arrives for $ 61,590 to compose the line of the Fiat Strada with the same proposal of the Double Cab: a complete version, with several items of series, to attend the customers who need more space of load, without abrir comfort hand. On the outside, it features 14-inch alloy wheels, fog lights with chrome inserts, bumper with skid plate, sea top, door handles and rear-view mirrors and rear parking sensor. Inside, it also has a lock and electric windows, air conditioning, leather steering wheel with radio controls. The version can still be equipped with the Techno Pack (R $ 2,890), composed by multimedia center with screen of 6.2 inches, USB / DVD / TV / GPS inputs and rear camera. Sales success thanks to its robustness and versatility to be used both for the transport of loads and for rides in leisure time, the complete family Fiat Strada consists of seven versions: Working 1.4 Single Cabin, Hard Working 1.4 Single Cabin, Hard Working 1.4 Extended Cabin, Hard Working 1.4 Double Cabin, Freedom 1.4 Single Cabin, Freedom 1.4 Double Cabin and Adventure 1.8 Double Cabin.

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